Sand Blasting and Painting

sand blastingSandblasting is the process of removing dust, rust, old paint and other particles from a surface to give it a smooth finish. A sandblasting compressor is the equipment that uses different types of abrasive particles to sandblast a particular area. There are many types of compressors that use either air or water as a pressurizing agent in sandblasting.

We specialize in sand blasting:
  • Truck beds
  • Trailers
  • commercial equipment

Sand blasting Perth, also known as abrasive blasting, is a method employed to clean or prepare surfaces using a forceful stream of abrasive material. While the term “sand” is used, several other materials can also be employed based on the nature of the job.

Fundamental Process: At its core, sandblasting involves propelling abrasive particles against a surface at high speeds. This action helps remove contaminants such as rust, old paint, dirt, and other unwanted substances, revealing a cleaner and often roughened surface suitable for painting or other treatments.

Equipment Involved: The primary piece of equipment in this process is the sandblasting compressor.

  • Sandblasting Compressor: It is a device that produces a continuous flow of air or water under high pressure. This pressurized stream is then mixed with the chosen abrasive material and directed towards the target surface.

Types of Abrasive Particles: Beyond just sand, several abrasive particles can be used based on the nature and requirement of the job. Common materials include:

  1. Steel grit
  2. Glass beads
  3. Plastic abrasives
  4. Walnut shells
  5. Aluminum oxide
  6. Copper slag

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